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Name is only for your reference, that name will be shown in the table of lists (the one that was empty at the start of this documentation)

Shortcode is the shortcode you will use to display the authors list on pages. Just copy/paste that into the page content (or widget content or wherever you want).


The above screenshot does not contain all the options.

Query is where you manage which authors you want to display. You can set the amount, order, specific authors to include, roles, post types, categories…

All the settings have a description below the field to help you understand what they do.


Layout is where you select the style of the authors list and the amount of columns per row.


The above screenshot does not contain all the options.

Content is where you manage what do you want to show. You can for example disable the post count and the biographical info. You can also insert custom content before/after any of the elements. You can change the HTML element that’s used for the name/title. You can trim the biographical info to a specific number of words. And so on…

Search & Filters

Do you have a lot of authors? You can use the search & filters functionality to allow your site’s visitors to use searching and apply filters to narrow down the authors list. You can see how that looks in action on the Filter & Search Demo

After you active the checkbox for Search – Enable or Filters – Enable additional options will show up to set those up.

By default the search will look through all the different information, but if for example you want the search to only check the Display Name you can activate only that by checking the checkbox.

And this is what you’ll see when you active the Filters:

We won’t cover the specifics about the filters here, you can check out the How to show filters in your authors list part of the documentation for more information.


By default the plugin won’t apply any special styling to the authors list, it will inherit the styling from the theme so it matches the rest of your website.

But if you want to change colors, font size, font families… you can click the Enable Styler checkbox and you’ll be able to do that.

More info at How to use the Styler functionality