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By default the Styler functionality is disabled and the elements in the authors list inherit their styling from the theme.

If you want to make custom changes to the colors, fonts, spacings… check the Enable Styler checkbox and the feature will activate, like shown below.

On the right side of the area that’s shown above is the live preview section which shows you how an item in the authors list will look like. The changes you make will be visible immediately in the preview.

It does not represent the actual width of the item as it will be on your website but everything else matches.

As you hover over the various elements you will see a dashed border around them.

That means the area is editable and if you click on it you will be able to change the styling for it. The border switches from dashed to solid when you select the element to edit.

In the main settings area you will see the options show up.

At the top you’ll see navigation items Typography, Spacing, Background, Border where you can switch between different styling categories.

Most of them are self explanatory, the only note is that the Font Family option supports all Google Fonts and as you start typing the name of the font you want the list will filter and show the available fonts.

Clicking on a font in that list will apply that font.

Once you are done making changes just click the Save Changes button and the changes will apply and be visible on your site.

That covers the documentation for the Styler functionality. If you have any questions or run into any issues/bugs, feel free to contact us.